Monsoon River Drapes (8 Colors)

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Monsoon River Drapes; a luxury fabric woven on a silk warp with a linen ground and a ribbon silk brocade. The plain linen ground is augmented with a woven third linen thread, giving the fabric a smart textured look. The fabric is woven to order to fit your project requirement and is perfect for drapery in a special room setting. The brocade pattern is taken from one of our classic Lao designs and can be laid out as you wish.

Our heritage designs represent the vibrancy and spirituality of historic Lao weaving each of which tells a story. The intricate motifs and skill required to weave them have made Lao silk weaving unique across the world. The thick stripes of Monsoon River In the brocade design, represents the monsoon rain falling and the zig-zag motif represents the river. It is a reminder of the importance of water in our lives and it’s what makes this piece so special.

Fabric Width: 47"
VERTICAL REPEAT: Brocade: 8 x bands of 6” / 15cm.
CONTENT: 50% silk, 50% linen.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Hand woven in Laos.
MINIMUM PURCHASE: 5 meters / yards.
LEAD TIME: 6 - 8 weeks.
USAGE: Drapery.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Professional dry cleaning.